EVERY U.S. CITIZEN SHOULD WATCH THIS – “The End of America” as we know it.

For you all to think about and discuss… Please pass this video along… Thank you.

La Life’s insight:
Very nice speech and discussion by Tyson. But beyond the ambition and the big projects, it’s overlooked that science also has to project itself as being on the side of human empowerment. Modern scientific advoacy explaining that we are all zombies and/or mere computers, and maybe not even as good as computers to boot, is certainly not helping. This dire worldview is that of the major science advocates today. Worse: it is very likely wrong, certainly not established truth, yet these science advocates, while ostensibly advocating for evidence-based justified belief, cling to this non-truth as truth. I find it vile.

from A quoi sert la connaissance ? What is knowledge for? | Scoop.it http://www.scoop.it/t/a-quoi-sert-la-connaissance-what-is-knowledge-for/p/4009851062/2013/10/25/every-u-s-citizen-should-watch-this-the-end-of-america-as-we-know-it


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